Art is a Journey

of Discovery

Tara Joy’s  Artistic Activities

Here  you can read little blogs about some of Tara Joy’s on-going creative projects and activities, artistic discoveries and her thoughts about how art, environmental conservation and other areas of life can be linked. Fresh articles will be posted here regularly so do please visit these pages again and feel free to share them if you enjoy them.

Graphic Design Logo

For those looking for a graphic designer Tara Joy’s diverse range of styles can be very helpful. She has the capacity to take a simple sketch and/or idea and carefully considering the requirements and inspirations behind these, she can turn them into an attractive finished piece.

Hand Made Bespoke Frames

Tara Joy is now creating striking bespoke frames that not only frame the artwork but, which also extend the art out beyond the canvas into the room. Here is a glimpse into the process of how she does this. Each one is unique and created specifically to fit with the individual piece of artwork.

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